In my paintings I aim to capture the light and atmosphere of a particular time and place. Each subject has a different set of challenges and a particular meaning to me, and I use the unique qualities of colour, mark and tone achievable with oil paints, to explore the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Many of the paintings you will see here are based on my own photographs of places that have inspired me, including the urban landscapes of Birmingham and London, as well as canals, waterways and coastline.

Since moving to East Staffordshire from Birmingham, several years ago, I have found new inspiration in the industrial heritage of Stoke on Trent, where I studied Fine Art as an undergraduate. The streets and factories of the Potteries have a nostalgia and poignancy for me that has become an enduring theme in my work. I am currently exploring the potential for working from direct observation from life, by taking my paints into the landscape to work en plein air, or by working from still-life and interior scenes at home. These paintings are, by necessity, smaller works completed in one sitting, and can be found in the Works from Life gallery.

Please click on the gallery headings to see the paintings in each section, then click on the thumbnail for the details of each piece. Some paintings are for sale with Bare Wall and Gyeyosi Galleries, please visit their websites via the Links page. Many of the works can be purchased directly from me, and framing can be provided if required. Please message me for more details.

All images are copyright of Helen Tarr © 2005-2019